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You Said, We Did

As part of Telford and Wrekin's Local Offer we need to publish our comments and feedback that we receive.

Below you will find comments that you said and a response to what we did:


You Said We Did Date
"What is a Moving Forward Meeting?"

We have created a new information page regarding Moving Forward Meetings.

Please click here for more information

Updated SEND Strategy

We are pleased to announce that a new draft Strategy has been developed, following the consultation we will be collating all the feedback that has been provided.

Working together for better SEND and AP outcomes in Telford and Wrekin 2023-2028 has been developed using feedback from parents, carers, young people and professionals across health, social care, education support services, early years settings, schools and post 16 providers.

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"More involvement in decisions regarding SEND services in Telford" Parent/Carer 

Telford & Wrekin Local Partnership

In Telford & Wrekin the local partnership is committed to co-produce services with families for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities at every stage.

The SEND Working Together Charter has been developed by Parents, Carers, Children, Young People, Telford & Wrekin Council, Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin NHS and partners.

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You Said We Did Date
"I'm new to the area and my child has additional needs, what do i do?" A new webpage has been created titled "Moving into Telford & Wrekin" and provides information on what parents/cares can do when moving into the area if your child has additional needs or has an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) 30/08/2022
Specialist Provision Hubs - Many requests regarding additional support

Recommendations to develop specialist provision hubs in mainstream schools that cater for children with communication and interaction needs, including those with Autism and associated cognition and learning difficulties have been approved by cabinet. These Hubs have proved to be successful with both schools, parents, families and young people. 

A specialist hub is an adapted classroom situated within a mainstream school. Hubs provide an opportunity for children identified as having more complex SEND to be included and educated alongside their peers in a mainstream setting, enabling them to join in with mainstream activities.

These hubs are aimed at those children with complex interaction and communication needs, including Autism and associated cognition and learning difficulties. Children will not require a diagnosis of a condition (for example Autism or ADHD to qualify for entry). Where criteria for entry into hub provision is met, discussions will take place with parents/carers about which school placement would be best. This will take account of distance from home, the needs of the other children in attendance and available place numbers at the preferred setting . All children will need an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan in order to attend the hubs.

For more information please click here

Local Offer Refresh -
"Would be great to have a section specifically for young people"
In collaboration with the Shout Out for SEND (SOS) group, we have created a section on the Local Offer called "SEND Local Offer for Young People"  In this section you can find information that has been curated for young people. We currently have Informative pages regarding health, activities during free time, money management, further education and more. The SEND Local Offer for Young People is an ongoing collaberative effort, with more content due to be added over the coming months. 12/07/2022
Local Offer Refresh -
(Following on from below)
Dedicated buttons have also been created for Health and Mental Health & Wellbeing services within Telford and Wrekin 01/07/2022

Local Offer Refresh - 
"A lot of information seems to be repeated between pages"

Early Years, Education and PfA buttons have been created for the homepage. These buttons link to dedicated information pages for each phase of education. Previously we had dedicated pages for four age ranges between 0-25. The list consisted of Education, Health and Social Care information that was pretty much duplicated between the four age ranges and quite laborious to scroll through. By creating specific categories that sit behind Early Years, Education and PfA (e.g starting an early years setting) we hope that parents/carers can find relevant and specific information with less clicks and less fuss. 15/06/2022
Local Offer Refresh - SENCo Space
A request from our SENCo's
A dedicated page has been created for our SENCo's in Telford and Wrekin. Here you will find information regarding sen support, Annual Review paperwork, SENCo network meetings, Inclusive Schools Forum and much more. 06/05/2022
Local Offer Refresh - "Less information listed on the left hand side" (navigation bar) "More information via videos. "Information needs to be easier to find from the homescreen" We have refreshed the look of the Local Offer. The homepage has been simplified by removing half of the information on the navigation bar, and instead added the most visited and relevant pages as homepage buttons. An introduction video has also been added to the homepage. 02/05/2022
Parent/Carer "I'm looking for some help with getting my child started at an early years setting"

You may wish your child to attend an early years setting, but you may be feeling worried about how they will manage. To support parents/carers with what can be a very stressful time as a parent, we have created a guidance and support page which can be found via the link below:



You Said We Did Date
Parent/Carer - "Is there one place to find activities for my child to access that can also meet there SEND needs?" An Activities and Events page has been created. The Activities & Events page is a quick and easy place for families to see what is going on in their community. The current categories:
  • performing arts and dance
  • sports
  • family groups
  • clubs & hobbies
  • soft play
  • events and trips
  • places to visit

You can view the Activites & Events page via the link below:

Parent/Carer - "There isn't any clear information to help my child transition to adulthood"

A Post 16 transition page titled "Preparing for Adulthood" has been created to help young people with their transition to adult services.
You can view the Preparing for Adulthood page via the link below:



You Said We Did Date
Parent/Carer "How does Independent Travel Training Work?" Independent Travel Training (ITT) is a service that teaches children and young people how to travel safely, independently and confidently. It usually involves the use of public transport to get to school, college or a work placement. We have created a dedicated page for ITT here 08/06/2020
Parents/Carers have notified us that they can't find enough information regarding Mental Health and Wellbeing The Mental Health Service Directory has brought together services in Telford & Wrekin that are available to support children and young people aged 0-25 with their mental health and wellbeing. 04/06/2020
Information required regarding service available during Covid-19 lockdown We have created a resource page dedicated to support parents, carers, young people, schools, settings and professionals during lockdown. 01/04/2020


You Said We Did Date
Not enough support and guidance for those leaving secondary school 

We have created a Preparing for Adulthood guidance for those who have an EHCP to help them plan their Post 16 transition and consider their future career prospects.

Please click here to access the Preparing for Adulthood guidance

Parents and Carers have notified the ican2 providers that the information pages on the Local Offer should be easier to find and more prominent on the homepage. We have added an ican2 button to the homepage of the Local Offer. 01/02/2019


You Said We Did Date
Parents and Carers have notified us that they haven't seen the SEND Newsletters on the Local Offer. The SEND Newsletters have been available to download on the Local Offer, but for more clarity, a "Newsletters" button has now been added to the top of the Local Offer homepage.  20/06/2018
We wanted to make it easier for Parents and Carers to ask us questions at a day and time that best suits them. Whether that is in regards to the EHCP process or the Local Offer in general, we started to look at the possibilities... We have created a "Do you have a question" footer on every page of the Local Offer. Parent, Carers, Education or Health personnel can use this service to ask questions that they can't find the answers to on the Local Offer. We aim to respond to these queries within 5 working days. 04/01/2018


You Said We Did Date
We have received numerous questions regarding Personal Budgets and "where can we get more information?"  A new "Personal SEN Budgets" page has been created with detailed information about personal Education, Health, Social Care and Transport budgets.   04/09/2017
Following parent feedback from Parent carer forums, Independent Support (IS) and Information, Advice and Support Service (IASS) the Interactive Local Offer Map should also include information for Nurseries in the Telford & Wrekin area. Added Nurseries to the Interactive Local Offer Map 20/03/2017
Following parent feedback from Parent carer forums, Independent Support (IS) and Information, Advice and Support Service (IASS) a feedback survey was drafted for anyone who has had an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) since September 2014.

Two surveys have been created:

Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment (EHCNA) process survey

EHCP Transfer Review process survey

If you have had an EHCP since September 2014, please let us know your experiences during these processes.



You Said We Did Date
In regards to the money that's allocated to my child in her RAS, when we are allocating the money to specific things i.e a family holiday how much can i allow? Is it for the family, or just the cost for the child that has the RAS? This is based on individual assessment and should be discussed with the worker. 17/10/2016
Please can you let me know of any activities available on a weekend for 5 year old's? My daughter has Autism, Moderate Global Delay & Hypermobility. We have just been given her personal budget but are really struggling to find suitable places for respite. All info regarding services should be on the Local Offer. This is an identified gap which will be fed into the short breaks review. 13/10/2016 
Following parent feedback from Parent carer forums, Independent Support (IS) and Information, Advice and Support Service (IASS) we need to make changes to our parent / carer /young person request form. As part of a SEND parent / carer consultation group we have adapted the Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment (EHCNA) form to meet the needs of our parents and carers. 29/09/2016
Queensway HLC is not on the Special School List. The Special Schools list has since been updated to include Queensway HLC  09/06/2016 
I am trying to find the telephone or email contact details for the Sensory Inclusion Service and have been unable to do so In response we have made amendments to the Sensory Inclusion Service pages.
A link to their contact details has now been added to the Introduction page.
Parents and Professionals asked for more information about Direct Payments and examples of Personal Budgets We have now loaded some Personal Budget examples and created a Direct Payments page.  14/04/2016
I need the contact information for the three CAFLS hubs, Hadley, Wrekin etc. We have updated the information for the CAFLS page.
We have introduced a dedicated 'Contact' page, which will be regularly updated.


You Said We Did Date
Unfortunately we were unable to locate a specific document or parental process on your Local Offer or general Council website, hence we have outlined our request in this format. In response we have added the document to our downloads, which can be found here.  10/12/2015
I am aware Telford and Wrekin does travel training for children with additional needs - I cannot find information anywhere? Is this something that should be on the Local Offer? In response to this feedback we have created an information page dedicated to Independant Travel Training.  05/10/2015
You do not have details of the Dyspraxia website is not on your local offer. We loaded the information onto the website:
Dyspraxia Foundation.

The Foundation seeks every opportunity to increase understanding of Dyspraxia, particularly among professionals in health and education and encourages its local groups to do the same. It continues to encourage the smaller local groups to thrive and develop their own ideas and to distribute information and fundraise for themselves. To visit this part of the local offer please visit our services page.

Could you include details of transport to school for children with SEN (e.g. the form to apply) in the local offer please? We already had this information on the local offer – however it was not easy to navigate to. We spoke to our parents and they asked that transport information was made prominent on the front page.  02/07/2015
The local offer is not doing what I had hoped. The ican2 activities on their website are out of date. No one in early years to discuss my request / questions about EHC plans. In health I feel the Childrens community nursing is missing. Leisure and fun – no way my child could use a tandem, sit through a cinema screening. Cycle lessons would be great when he is 3yrs. The Jungle land offer in my view is not suitable for under 5’s due to the time as bedtime routines should be happening 6pm - 8pm. Tots on ice is not safe for my child – thus I can’t find any information to support my child. There were many aspects in response to this feedback:

Ican2 activities out of date on their website - Immediate email to Telford & Wrekin Council's Web team to get this information removed and updated.

No one in Early Years to discuss requests/questions - A discussion at team leaders meeting about ensuring there is always someone at the other end of the phone to try and support in that locality.

Children’s Community Nursing - There is no information at the time on the 0-5 health page. We have now loaded this information.

Leisure and Fun: an email has been sent to our Commissioning Specialist informing them that parents/ carers feel there is a gap in 0-5yr provision. They are currently working with our parent carer forum on short break provision in Telford and Wrekin.

As part of PODS AGM on the 24 June 2015 – we had feedback from parents and carers on what they felt would help the local offer. Following on from the consultation we have done the following:

Changed the information on the 16 - 25 education website so all schools and colleges are together.

Put Disabled Students allowance into the benefit section rather than education.

Contacted Lawley Primary School to inform them their homepage was not working.

Contacted web design and our Admissions Team about the possibility of a search engine or map to search for schools.

Contacted our Transfer team to ask that they specify age range in the transfer schedule.

We have confirmed that we have SEND in front of our local offer and titles relating to Special Educational Needs.

We have ordered more SEND bookmarks to provide information to people and also have attended events in Telford and Wrekin to spread the word about the local offer.


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