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Travel Assistance

Transport assistance for children with special educational needs, disabilities and mobility problems

The following eligibility criteria is applied:

  • Where the child cannot reasonably be expected to walk to school (accompanied by a parent/carer as necessary and considering the age of the child, as well as whether one would normally expect a child of that age to be accompanied) because of mobility problems or because of associated health and safety issues related to their Special Educational Needs (SEN) or Disability, we will review and assess each child on an individual basis. Usual transport requirements (E.g. the statutory walking distances) may not be considered when assessing the transport needs of children eligible due to SEN and/ or disability
  • The pupil must be attending the nearest qualifying school or a setting named on his or her Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP), following formal consultation by the SEN team, rather than a setting named due to parental preference
  • Where a pre-school child with an EHCP has been placed at a nursery, special school or other specialist provision by the Council, travel assistance may be provided in the same way as for children of statutory school age but a charge will be made. The charge will follow the same charging approach set out in the Post-16 Policy’s non statutory charge
  • When applying for travel assistance, parents and carers of children with SEN and mobility issues, are asked to complete a comprehensive online questionnaire which collects information to help officers make an informed decision about the application. This questionnaire asks for detailed information about the child’s health, abilities with regards travel and interventions should the child not be happy at any stage during their travel. Please complete this form with as much detail as possible.

The policy for travel assistance for post-16 education and training is different from that for students of compulsory school age. 
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