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Specialist Provision Hubs

Telford & Wrekin Council is continuing to develop partnerships between special schools and a number of mainstream schools to broaden the range of provision for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

A key focus has been on building the resilience and capacity of mainstream schools to meet increasing complexity of need and schools have been responding to this. 

Recommendations to develop specialist provision hubs in mainstream schools that cater for children with communication and interaction needs, including those with Autism and associated cognition and learning difficulties have been approved by cabinet. These Hubs have proved to be successful with both schools, parents, families and young people.

This development provides an inclusive option which bridges the gap between special and mainstream schools, offering greater choice for parents and means children with more complex SEND are educated alongside their mainstream peers.

In 2017, the Department for Education announced special provision capital funding for local authorities to invest in new places and/or improvements to facilities for pupils with high needs. Telford & Wrekin Council’s current allocation amounts to £848,837 over three years and the funding is primarily intended to create new places and improve facilities at existing sites. 

The funding has been used to support the establishment of the hubs in a small number of mainstream schools and to support the creation of new places for specialist provision. Local authorities are required to develop and update a plan every year that shows how the funding will be invested in order to release the money.

Our Special Provision Plan can be found here

Two mainstream primary schools were identified to work with a special school to operate a partnership model. Haughton Hollinswood Specialist Hub and Haughton Old Pak Specialist Hub opened in 2019.

A secondary hub at Southall Telford Langley Specialist Hub is due to open Easter 2022.