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My Health

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Your health is important.

Keeping a record of who helps you to stay healthy should include your Doctor, Dentist, Optician and anyone else who helps you to stay healthy.

Some young people keep a document called a ‘The Patient Passport’ this helps them to communicate their needs to health professionals to make sure that they receive the correct care and advice.

What does a Patient Passport include?

It would have information all about you, a photograph, and sections on things professionals (doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and other health workers) must know about you, things that are important to you and your likes and dislikes. It is your document so should reflect your thoughts and feelings.

Download a copy of a Patient Passport Template to complete here

Help to stay healthy

Healthy Lifestyles Team

The Healthy Lifestyles team work in Telford & Wrekin to provide advice and support to encourage local people to make changes to improve their health and wellbeing. The service offers health checks, one to one sessions with families to support healthy eating, weight management, physical activity and emotional wellbeing.

Find out more about the Healthy Lifestyle Team and how they can help your family.

Telford & Wrekin Libraries

The library service have lots of books that you can read about staying healthy. From books about cooking healthy food, learning about sports, keeping active and staying well.

Find out more about Telford & Wrekin Library Service and to borrow the books for free.

You can also access the Shelf Help Reading Well Books on Prescription to look after your mental health.

Find out more about Shelf Help Reading Well Books on Prescription and Reading Well for Children

Books Beyond Words have been created to help people who find pictures easier to understand than words.  

Find out more about Books Beyond Words

‘The Blinks’ are books for children and young people aged seven and over. They have been created to help you understand your own feelings and to develop ways to look after your own wellbeing.

Find out more about ‘The Blinks’ Series

Telford & Wrekin Sports and Leisure

There are lots of places in Telford that you can take part in sports and activities.

At the leisure centres you can go swimming or have swimming lessons, join the gym and access fitness classes (there may be a cost involved).

Telford Ice Rink offers Ice Skating Lessons or for you to enjoy Ice Skating with friends.

Telford Snowboard and Ski Centre offers Skiing and Snowboarding lessons along with using the slope with your friends.

Telford Tennis Centre has eight tennis courts that are available to book.

Telford Town Park offers lots of adventures and fun to stay healthy, from Adventure Golf to Bike Hire and walking there is lots to get involved in.


This is a government scheme that can help you to stay fit, well and healthy. You can find out information on how to check the sugar content in your food, how to read food labels, find recipes and new food ideas. There are also lots of ideas on how to stay healthy.

Find out more about Change4Life

Annual Health Checks

As a young person with a learning disability you are entitled to have a health check by your General Practitioner (GP) once a year. Take a look at this video to find out why these checks are important and then ask at your Doctors to book an appointment.

Find out more information about Health Checks.

How to cope with Stress and Anxiety

Everyone has times in their life when they feel too much is going on and they become worried or anxious. Many people call this being stressed.

When you are trying to become more independent you can start to feel this way and it can make it difficult for you to succeed.  

BEAM is an emotional health and well-being service for children and young people in Telford and Wrekin.

KOOTH provides free safe and anonymous online counselling and support for young people.

Shelf Help Reading Well Books on Prescription are a collection of books for young people to support their mental health that are available to borrow free from any Telford & Wrekin Libraries.

Samaritans is a service that provides a listening ear and support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Every six seconds, they respond to a call for help. No judgment. No pressure. They are here for anyone who needs someone.

Mental Health Service Directory is a page on Telford and Wrekin Local Offer that lists all the mental health support services that are available for children and young people in Telford and how to access them.

Young Minds is the UK’s leading charity championing the wellbeing and mental health of young people

Health for Teens gives information on feelings and relationships

Who to ask for help


A doctor or (General Practitioner/GP) is a medical doctor who treats patients at a Doctors Surgery. They are usually the first medical person that you would see for routine appointments, they may refer you onto a Doctor or Consultant (or Specialist Doctor) at a hospital if you need more specialised treatment.

Easy read guide to visiting the Doctor

Books Beyond Words have a book that is available free to borrow from Telford & Wrekin Libraries called ‘Going to the Doctor’

Hospital Consultant

A consultant is a senior doctor who has responsibility for patient care in a hospital. They have extra training and have special areas of medical interest. Your Consultant is responsible for your care while you are in hospital, and they will see you for hospital appointments to discuss ongoing care. It can take a doctor between six and eight years to become a consultant.

Embed Video: What is a Consultant


A dentist is a person who is qualified to examine and treat people’s teeth, they may give you advice on how to keep your teeth healthy, they can take X-rays and give you fillings to stop your teeth hurting.

Easy read guide: Visiting the Dentist

Easy read information about procedures that happen at the Dentist like, X-rays, Fillings, Cleaning your Teeth.

Community Dental Services: Easy Read Guides

Books Beyond Words have a book that is available free to borrow from Telford & Wrekin Libraries called ‘Going to the Dentist’


An Optician is someone who examines people’s eyes to make sure you have good vison, if your eyes are healthy and to see if you need to wear glasses.

Easy read guide on visiting the Opticians


A hospital is the place you go to when you need to see a specialist Doctor, you are not feeling very well, need an operation or if you have an injury or have hurt yourself.

Top Tips for going into Hospital

A Personal Health Passport tells the Doctors and Nurses who will be looking after you how you like to be cared for. To download copy to fill in (Hospital Passport form)

Reasonable adjustments

Books Beyond Words have a book that is available free to borrow from Telford & Wrekin Libraries called ‘Going into Hospital’ and ‘Going to Out-Patients’

Accident and Emergency Department

If you have serious injury, severe illness or medical emergency you may go the emergency department in a hospital.

When to go to Accident & Emergency?

Local Hospitals:
Princess Royal Hospital
Apley Castle
Telford & Wrekin Council

Royal Shrewsbury Hospital
Mytton Oak Road
01743 261000

Chemist or Pharmacy

A chemist or pharmacy is a shop where you go to get your prescription (for medication) that you are given at the Doctors or any other medication that you may need.

The Pharmacist (or the responsible person that works in the Pharmacy) will check your medication to make sure that you have the right one and that you are taking it the correct way.

You can ask the Pharmacist for advice if you are unsure about any of the medication that you are taking.

Easy read information about visiting the chemist and talking to the Pharmacist

What is a Chaperone?

Some Doctors appointments can involve close personal contact or the examination can be intimate. It is your choice to have a Chaperone or another person that you would be comfortable with to be present for this type of appointment.

Your Chaperone is there to reassure you if you become upset, protect your dignity and privacy, offer emotional support if you become embarrassed or uncomfortable and to help with communication.

Find out more about Chaperones