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SEND Training Courses

New SENCo – Policy and Practice

This course is for SENCos who are new to the role, or those new to the area wishing to understand local procedures

What’s included?

  • An introduction to the role of SENCo.
  • A guide to the Local Offer
  • How to develop policy & practice.
  • A forum for discussing issues and sharing best practice
  • An opportunity to develop a collaborative network with colleagues from other schools

Part 1

8 March 2021

9am - 12 noon

Role of the SENCo – What does it mean and what does it look like in your school?

A guide to the EHCNA process including top tips from  a member of the SEND Team

Part 2

9 March 2021

9am—12 noon

Annual Review Process

Inclusive School Forum—What? When? How?

The Graduated Approach & Provision Matrix

Leading and Co-ordinating Provision

Part 3

Date and Time: TBC

Information Report & SEND Policy

 Key Outcomes:

  • To provide SENCo’s with information and advice in assisting them with the following:
  • Key requirements of the role of the SENco.
  • Supporting the identification of children with special educational needs.
  • Leading and Co-ordinating effective provision for children with SEND
  • Tracking and monitoring the progress of children with SEND through the graduated response.
  • Ensuring there is high quality teaching and intervention for children with SEND
  • Developing SEND Provision in the school further

Cost: Telford & Wrekin Schools & Academies: £300

To book a place on this course, please send a completed booking form to:

✉ Email:

Developing the role of Teaching Assistants in supporting SEND

Who is it for?

SENCos and Teachers involved with deployment of support provided by teaching assistants.

Wednesday 12 May 2021


OFSTED links:

“Leaders have a clear and ambitious vision for providing high-quality inclusive education and training to all. This is realised through strong, shared values, policies and practice.”

“Leaders focus on improving staff’s subject, pedagogical and pedagogical content knowledge to enhance the teaching of the curriculum. The practice and subject knowledge of staff are built up and improve over time.”


  • To engage in a process of review and performance improvement, identifying and building on existing good practice.
  • To develop and undertake a school-based audit for self-evaluation.
  • To develop a workable action plan.
  • To identify a consistent, whole school approach to supporting pupils with SEND.

Delegates will have the opportunity to:

  • Consider and increase knowledge related to deployment, practice and preparedness of teaching assistants for their role.
  • Identify approaches, techniques and factors to consider when undertaking an internal audit.
  • Undertake an audit of current practice.
  • Reflect on strengths and weaknesses in current TA roles, consider alternatives and develop learner independence.
  • Begin to develop an action plan for improving and developing practice (maximising impact) and managing change.
  • Discuss and collaborate with colleagues.
  • Relate practice to research based evidence.

£150 T&W LA Schools & Academies  
£180 Non T&W Schools

To book a place on this course, please send a completed booking form to:

✉ Email:  


GOOD NEWS: The elsa conference has been rescheduled… new date is 18th May 2021

Our first ELSA CPD Conference will now go ahead in May 2021 – in person, we hope!

The ELSA Conference will offer an exciting day of sharing effective practice, with CPD provided by the T&W EP Service and opportunities for ELSAs to discover new resources.

The morning will feature case studies from ELSAs and training from T&W EPS on techniques from Motivational Interviewing and LEGO-based Therapy led by Dr Jane Park.

The afternoon will comprise a resource fair and opportunities for networking.


Cost: £60 per TAW ELSA, £72 per non-TAW ELSA.

10% discount for 2+ ELSAs.

To book your ELSA a place, email:

SEND Training Courses – up to February Half Term

The majority of training courses are currently being provided online via Microsoft Teams, further details and how to book can be found on the Telford Education Services website.

For the majority of courses bookings continue to be made in the normal way by completing a CPD booking form and sending it via email to

SEND Building Capacity in your school

This course will give you the opportunity to develop ways of sharing skills and building the knowledge base of all professionals within your setting.  This will involve exploring the use of joint working and cleverly directed support from senior leaders, and identifying how this can lead to whole school professional development and build continuing capacity for a skilled workforce.  The course is particularly significant in developing the leadership skills of SENCOs. 

Tuesday 12 January 2021
Tuesday 09 February 2021

Teaching Children with SEND – meeting the needs

This new and innovative course is designed to provide skills and knowledge to all teachers, at any point in their career.  All teachers are teachers of SEND, but some teachers will have had more training and experience than others and, we, as a team, would like to address this gap.  Each session will have a specific focus, designed to upskill teachers, in order for them to feel confident in teaching children with SEND. At the end of the teaching part of the session, there will be the opportunity for questions and answers about any aspect of SEND, with an informal ‘drop in’ for any teachers requiring support for specific pupils.  Each session will be delivered by a different member of the LSAT Team.  

  • Session 1: An Introduction to SEND and the four main areas of need
  • Session 2: Supporting SEND in the classroom
  • Session 3: Practical ways to teach SEND across the curriculum
  • Session 4: Supporting SEND pupils with Handwriting
  • Session 5: Resilience as a pre-requisite to good transition
  • Session 6: Ready for Learning: Supporting the Social and Emotional Needs of children with SEND
  • Session 7: Provision Map Writing
  • Session 8: Supporting Memory Across the Curriculum
  • Session 9: Dyscalculia and Maths Difficulties – Identification and support

This course is unique, as you can buy into one or two sessions that you would like to attend, or a teacher can attend all nine at a reduced cost.  By attending all nine sessions, the impact on professional development is at its best, and we hope to build links and partnerships between schools. 

For more information on this course and the full session dates please take a look at the Ollie Booking page or contact:

Monday 25 January 2021

Autism Education Trust

Leading Good Autism Practice: 
(For SENCOs and Senior Leaders)

For Staff who may lead on or train other staff in their setting, to enhance their knowledge and understanding to effect change at a whole school level, meeting or exceeding the expectations of external reviewers.  
Details: 17th May 2021, 9am – 4pm

Making Sense of Autism 
(For all staff within the school)

To enable delegates to have an awareness of the sensory and communication differences that may be experienced by children with autism, and be aware of their role in supporting and building good relationships.         
Available for whole school delivery as part of one of your LSAT sessions, or separate purchase. 

Good Autism Practice: 
(For practitioners who work directly with children)

To develop a good knowledge and understanding of autism in order to reflect and improve practice in the classroom.
Details: 23rd February 2021, 9am – 4pm 
Or available for whole school delivery, remote learning, for £600.  (Maximum 30 delegates)

Complex Needs and Participation 
(For staff in specialist settings)

For staff to extend their understanding of autism in relation to pupils with complex needs, including strategies to inform and evaluate practice. 
Available for whole school delivery, remote learning, for £600. (Maximum 30 delegates)

Also ask your LSAT about:
*AET Autism Standards, standards to support you in evaluating whole school practice,
*Competency Framework, a formal approach to professional development and ensuring individual teachers are skilled in all thing ‘Autism’.
*Progression Framework, and individual assessment method for children and young people with Autism.
For more information, please contact