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Independent Travel Training (ITT)


What is ITT?

Independent Travel Training is a service that teaches children and young people how to travel safely, independently and confidently. It usually involves the use of public transport to get to school, college or a work placement.

Training is tailored to individual needs but the aim of the training remains the same; to build confidence, self-esteem and journey knowledge to empower individuals to be able to travel safely and independently.

Those who undertake Independent Travel Training become less reliant on parents or carers. Training provides children and young people with important life skills which can open up new areas of social, education or employment opportunities.

Who is eligible?

To qualify for Independent Travel Training you must:

  • Be aged 11+
  • Live in the Borough of Telford & Wrekin (or be in placement provided by Telford & Wrekin)
  • Travel, or be eligible to travel, on Telford & Wrekin Council provided transport
  • Live no more than 1 hour and 15 minutes from school using public transport 

How does it work?

  1. The travel trainer will meet with the student and their family to explain how ITT works
  2. The travel trainer will support the student throughout their training
  3. At the beginning the trainer will travel with them door to door. The trainer will set outcomes and tasks to help the student develop the skills and knowledge needed to travel with confidence on their journey
  4. As the student gains more confidence and independence, support is gradually reduced until the student is able to complete the journey safely, confidently and independently
  5. When the student is ready to become an independent traveller, a different travel trainer will observe the student on their journey and sign them off if they feel they have met all the required outcomes
  6. Should the student’s journey involve bus travel the student will be provided with a bus pass so they can continue to travel at no cost to themselves

How to apply?

To apply for ITT please complete the online form (coming soon) or via the referral form below.

Applications will be assessed by the Transport Team and if eligible a travel trainer will contact you to arrange a sign up meeting.

A suitable journey from your home to school will be planned and risk assessed.

Download flyer

Independent Travel Training Referral Form