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Emotional Health and Wellbeing Panel

Over the last 18 months, as we have been consulting with schools and other partners, it has become clear that the Mental Health needs of young people across the borough are significant. This is displayed in many ways from heightened anxiety through to extreme behaviours. The range of needs covers a range of conditions from neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism, through to mental health disorders including self-harm and eating disorders. One of the biggest needs for our young people is around Attachment, the behaviours of a young person with attachment disorder can display in a very similar way to a young person with autism, although these are two very different conditions with different approaches needed.

Additionally, there is also a significant waiting list for the BeeU services (CAMHS) particularly around ASD diagnoses. It can take many months between a referral being made and the young person being seen.  In a high proportion of cases, there is no formal diagnosis made and therefore no further support identified. 

We are therefore working with partners to create an ‘Emotional Health and Wellbeing Panel’ (EHWP). The aims of this are to support schools and young people, by providing advice to schools, to signpost services and to ensure the students with the appropriate level of need are referred to BeeU. This should mean that the young people get the help they need in a timelier manner and that with only the appropriate cases being referred on to BeeU, we should start to reduce the waiting list.

This panel will meet on the first Wednesday of each month, at 9am, starting on 6th November. Schools will need to complete the referral form and submit this at least a week in advance of the meeting. We will then hear cases in groups of three so that the presenters from each school can gain the experience of hearing about other young people with different needs. The panel will be led by representatives from schools and will also have support from a range of professionals including Social Care, Specialist Nurses, Educational Psychology, BeeU, Beam, Behaviour Support, Student Engagement Programme and the Clinical Commissioning Group.

This EHWP should complement the support provided through the Inclusive Schools Forum and the Fair Access Panel. Schools will need to make a decision as to which of these would be most appropriate for the needs of the young person rather that referring to more than one of these panels.

Please send referral forms via email to

Contact Andy Cooke for copies of the EHWP Protocol

Download EHWP referral form