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Sensory Inclusion Service

Visual Impairment - Mild to Moderate

Sensory Inclusion Service - VI - Local Offer for Children and Young People with a Mild to Moderate Visual Impairment

The pupil has a mild to moderate visual impairment which impacts upon individual learning and the learning environment. The pupil has an identified eye condition.  

There will be evidence of long term curriculum access issues.

Assessment, Planning and Review

Consultation and advice is received in the school/setting from SIS as appropriate to level of visual loss. This will inform any monitoring of the pupil undertaken by the SENCo/Key worker, class or subject teacher(s)
The Provision Map may include vision specific targets, delivery methods and evaluation techniques.

The Provision Map will be regularly reviewed with the involvement of the parent/carer and the pupil.

The Sensory Inclusion Service will carry out a regular assessment of functional vision.
The Qualified Teacher of the Visually Impaired will provide an annual written report for school/setting and parents/carers.
Parents/carers will be seen regularly by a Qualified Teacher of the Visually Impaired to resolve any issues in the management of the visual difficulties either at home or in school/setting.

Grouping for teaching

Normal grouping will be maintained with advice from a Qualified Teacher of the Visually Impaired on visual aids, curriculum access and social and emotional factors.

Curriculum and Teaching Methods

Access to the curriculum will be provided with suitable modification and support as appropriate, e.g.:

Use of adapted materials
LVAs/magnifiers Large print books Seating position
Consideration of lighting needs
Individual copies of materials/board work
Adaptation of teaching methods such as describing processes aloud while demonstrating; reading aloud whilst writing for the group/individual.

Individual programmes to support Provision Map targets may be required. The Qualified Teacher of the Visually Impaired contributes to the pupil’s Provision Map in consultation with the school/setting.

Human Resources

The Sensory Inclusion Service (SIS) will advise on curriculum adaptation, materials and the  implementation  of  the  Provision Map and/or directly work with the pupil. A Qualified Teacher of the Visually Impaired will visit on an appropriate basis according to visual loss.

The  key-worker/teacher/subject teacher  is responsible for delivering the Provision Map in consultation with the SENCO

Involvement of other SIS professionals as recommended by the QTVI. These may include specialist mobility input, ICT and low vision aid referrals.

SIS  will offer  INSET  to  the school/setting usually through staff meetings. Also, the SIS course on visual impairment will be offered according to level of visual loss.