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Education, Health and Care Plan Transfer Review

Education, Health and Care Plan transfer review

Information for Parents and Carers


As you may already be aware, changes have been made to the law for children and young people who have special educational needs and disabilities. One of these changes is the way in which children and young people receive support from their educational establishment.

From September 2014, no new Statements of Special Educational Need or S139a/LDAs have been issued. The majority of children and young people will have their needs met by their local educational establishment. To see what is available in local establishments, please see Telford & Wrekin’s Local Offer here.

Statements and S139a/LDAs are being replaced with Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP) through the Transfer Review process. This incorporates an Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment (EHCNA), putting children and young people and families at the centre of the process and co-ordinating services from education, health and social care. The Transfer Review replaces the Annual Review.

It is important that we obtain your views during the Transfer Review process and you will receive a form on which to record your views and aspirations. Alternatively, you can submit them in any other format you feel most comfortable with. Support is available from the Information, Advice and Support Service and Independent Support (details below).

Transfer Review Process

The Transfer Team will notify you at the beginning of the academic year during which the Transfer Review will take place (please see timetable below). The school will then contact you to arrange a date, and will also invite any relevant professionals who contribute to your child’s educational provision. The Transfer Team will write to you again two weeks prior to the meeting to confirm the date.

That letter marks the beginning of the Transfer Review process. The local authority has 20 weeks from the date of that letter to finalise an EHCP, if one is to be issued, and 10 weeks to notify you if it proposes to cease to maintain your child/young person’s statement.

We consult with all schools and parents/carers to work together to manage the review process of children and young people with statements of SEN. 

Transfer Review Meeting

The Transfer Review meeting will include a review of the child/young person’s progress, steps made towards achieving the objectives in their statement, and a discussion about their special educational needs and whether they require additional support through an EHCP. The school will have sought any relevant updated reports which may help inform the decision made.

What Happens Next?

After a decision has been made at the meeting and the paperwork has been submitted to the local authority, the Transfer Team will write to you and the school to confirm the outcome of the meeting. If the decision is to write an EHCP, the Transfer Team will issue a draft plan and copies of any advice used to write the plan. You will have the opportunity to discuss the contents of draft plan. If there are no changes to be made, a final plan will be issued after 15 days.

If all parties are in agreement that the child/young person does not require an Education, Health and Care Plan, as their needs are being met within the school’s Local Offer, the Transfer Team will write to inform you that the statement will be ceased. The letter will include details of your appeal rights under the new law.

Telford & Wrekin's Transfer Schedule

Currently local authorities have until April 2018 to carry out all Transfer Reviews. A schedule has been drawn up to manage this process. The timetable below details when cohorts will undergo a Transfer Review over the next two and a half years. Until the Transfer Review is completed, the local authority will continue to maintain the statement, and the school will continue to conduct Annual Reviews, as per usual arrangements.

Year Group in Academic Year 2016-2017 Academic Year Transfer Review is Due Year Group at Transfer
Year 1 2017-2018 Year 2
Year 2 2016-2017 Year 2
Year 3 2017-2018 Year 4
Year 4 2017-2018 Year 5
Year 5 2016-2017 Year 5
Year 6 2016-2017 Year 6
Year 7 2017-2018 Year 8
Year 8 2017-2018 Year 9
Year 9 2016-2017 Year 9
Year 10 2017-2018 Year 11
Year 11 2016-2017 Year 11
Post-16 2016-2017 Post-16

The transfer schedule will be updated every year.

Year 2 pupils moving from an infant to junior school and Year 6 pupils must have their Transfer Review finalised by 15th February 2017.
Year 11 pupils must have their Transfer Review finalised by 31st March 2017. These Transfer Reviews will mostly take place during the autumn term. The remaining Transfer Reviews should be conducted in line with when the Annual Review would be due.

Transfer Annual Report

The number of children and young people in Telford and Wrekin Statements of Special Educational Needs (SEN) who were issued with an Education, Health and Care plan in the period 16/01/15 to 21/01/16 is 180.

17.50% of the total number of children and young people who have a Statement of SEN were transferred onto an EHC Plan during 2015.

The percentages of the number of children and young people transferring from Statements of SEN to EHC Plans in Telford and Wrekin compared to other Local Authorities is:

  • Telford & Wrekin – 17.50%
  • West Midlands - 11.80%
  • Statistical Neighbours – 18.01%
  • England – 18.20%

For young people (up to the age of 25) in further education and training that are supported by a Learning and Disability Assessment (LDA), the local authority is governed by a two year conversion timescale to re-assess ongoing needs and the establishment of an EHC plan, where necessary. The deadline for all agreed conversions is 1st September 2016.

For those young people who do not intend to continue in further education or training, they can choose to either:

  • Continue to receive their support as a result of their LDA (where it is still required) until the end of their time in further education or training, or until 1st September 2016 whichever comes first, or
  • Request an EHC needs assessment

Local contacts and support available

If you have any queries about the transfer process, please contact Gemma Steinert, Transfer Co-ordinator on 01952 380780 or Katie Edwards, Support Services Assistant on 01952 388682.

Further information:

Have you had an Education Health and Care plan since September 2014? If so please let us know your experience during the Transfer Review process by completing this short survey.

New Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment (EHCNA) process

SEND Code of Practice

Independent support and impartial advice can be sought from:

Information, Advice and Support Service (IASS), formerly the Parent Partnership Service, on 01952 457176. Alternatively,

visit the IASS website Independent Support